Motorsport Legacy


Driving is a hobby and a passion! The Jacobson family has three generations that have competed in different categories of Motorsport. Mike Jacobson has a great history in 80's Motorsport in an Escort, this talent was passed down to his sons Billy and Tom Jacobson. Andrew Lockwood has joined the team with a great history in Motorsport in Karts as well!

Our Partners


Our partners very are important in the whole process. It is with their help we are able to do what we do. It is necessary to have help in a sport such as Motorsport! In return we offer to our sponsors the most exposure possible!

Go Karts


We invite our Sponsors and Supporters to join us at race meetings and activities we attend. We have many planned events this year and they can be found here.

Results Driven

The focus of Spyder Racing was originally to give Billy and to some extent Tom, some Motorsport experience. This, however changed as Billy gained experience and knowledge, from his first race he impressed! Since 2013 the results have been consistent and now the equipment is there to truly be competitive!


We are committed to using the best products, and components.As a result we are now using a current specification Haase Chassis and X30 engine. Our technical support comes from a variety of places and people. These include Bosch, CRC, to name the major supporters. We are also very fortunate to have access to some very experienced and well known professionals!

Winning Culture

"The second is nothing more than the first of the losers." Ayrton Senna
We want to compete and mostly always win!

High Performance

The vast majority of Spyder Automobiles experience, has been with performance cars. Billy has the responsibility of maintaining the fleet of Karts with some guidance which in time has been reducing, he now does 90% of the preparation work!

Bosch, Our Latest Partner

It is our great pleasure to announce for 2016 Bosch Automotive will be in partnership for our competition program. The main focus will be on Billy's racing for the year. This will include trade displays, his racing, and electronic media activities.

Today it is very difficult to compete in almost any competition without support in the form of sponsorship, so for this we collectively are all very grateful to Bosch!

Our Philosophy

Where Spyder Racing is different!

Our philosophy is to promote personal growth, development, and a good work ethic.

The path Billy followed is quite different to most in the time since 2013 when he first started Karting! From very early on he has been responsible for much of the preparation of the karts. He has restored the 1982 Dino Mike races, as well as the 1992 Haase that he competed in during 2015 with great results! His expertise has been well proven in that time!

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