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From Warragul, Victoria, Australia, William "Billy" Jacobson is the youngest son of Lisa and Mike Jacobson and was born in 22 June 1999. He has studied at Trafalgar High School.

He interests are music, movies, especially Star Wars and of course motorsport. Inspired by Mike Jacobson who had a career during the 80's, and also Lisa who did many Club events and tarmac rallies, Billy’s interest in motorsport began with hearing the family histories and watching it on TV. One of Billy's inspirations is Ayrton Senna, the legendary Brazilian driver who is considered as one of the best of all the time and also had a great career in the karts, who tragically passed away in 1994. Billy wears the number 12 and helmet as a tribute to Senna!

Billy has decided race in karts when he was first introduced to its world in 2013 by his father Mike as a social inclusion way with the purpose of provide personal growth, development, and a good work ethic.

In that opportunity Billy has restored the 1982 Dino and since then Billy races karts in many Karts clubs in the Melbourne region such as Morwell, Oakleigh and Stony Creek Go Karts with support of his father.

His interest has grown so much in the karts to the point of be a real chance of have a career in motorsport, his dream. Since then, Billy has operated the Affordable signs to fund his karting along with Mike Jacobson's efforts. The work done with the signs is a heritage from his mother Lisa which started with the signs business in the 90's. Nowadays he runs it by himself creating art for banners, stickers, logo and signs. The Spyder Racing logo is a showcase of Billy. He also works on the karts using the expertise he got during the years watching Mike working in the Spyder Automobiles, the family company.

The efforts done were huge to make possible give a chance to Billy in the karts at the point Affordable signs funds were not enough anymore. At that point Billy and Mike have started to search for a sponsor to help with the karting expenses.

In 2016, the partnership with Bosch came to make it possible, during that year he will be able to participate in more Karts series and develop his career. This is a valuable stepping stone on his way to be able to race in some professional motorsport category. But Billy wants more. His objective is grow as a person and a driver and got the enough exposure and funds to make the motorsport world as his world and get experience and achieve many great results!

Billy's Values

  • Grow as a driver and individual
  • Drive to win always
  • Responsibility for individual actions
  • Recognize the support and the partners
  • Family is essential and central to everything
  • Keep simple and humble with the success
  • Don't forget your roots and the efforts done by others

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More Details

Driving Style

Billy loves to drive in the rain, and challenging and technical tracks with many curves. His style of racing is aggressive but fair.


Billy finished Gippsland Go Kart Club in 2015 in 2nd place for the year even after missing a race meeting!


Billy loves watch videos on Youtube and pop music. His favourite movie is Star Wars.


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