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Our partners!

This page is to thank all of our supporters and Sponsors!

At Spyder Racing, we are committed to our supporters and partners. We pledge to give the maximum exposure and value to our valued community of supporters. Without them our activities would not be quite the same, as with any sport or activity sponsorship is vital and can make all the difference to performance and reliability!

We are no different and every form of support is very welcomed!

We welcome any interested individuals or businesses to contact us for more information about opportunities to get on board with us in some form and be part of the team!

Current Partners

Bosch Automotive

Bosch Automotive is a small part of the Industrial Giant Bosch

Bosch has been responsible for the development of nearly every electrical device in Automotive, household and industrial applications. Their Automotive products are found in the majority of manufacturers cars worldwide! Their products have set the industry standard that others have tried to match usually without success!


CRC is along standing and respected Company that is a universal household name. their brand portfolio is wide reaching and respected in their own rites.

Spyder Racing and Billy Jacobson are very pleased to be associated with CRC Industries and their products

Spyder Automobiles

Spyder Automobiles began in 1958 and has had many faces since then and many locations. It has always been based around the service, repair, competition preparation and restoration of Porsches.

In recent years Spyder Automobiles has also been servicing and repairing other European brands. The period since 2012 has been another period of growth and development which is now set to reap the benefits of this time.

Changz Canteen

Changz began during October of 2014, during that time it was a very small homemade Hot sauce business, since that time it has grown beyond expectation.

From those humble beginnings has blossomed a thriving Chilli based sauce brand and now a restaurant which opened in early December 2015. The menu and face of Changz Canteen continues to evolve as time goes by!

Affordable signs

Affordable Signs is a business that makes banners and signs and operated by Billy Jacobson. All the income from Affordable signs is reverted to sponsor Spyder Racing!

Dancing monkey performance

Dancing Monkey Performance are a supplier of performance and appearance accessories to personalize your car. They are a young and growing company, being a good match for Billy as both are growing and developing in their field.

Mc Grath foundation

For 2016 we are going to be supporting the McGrath Foundation ithrough Spyder Racing. We will be fundraising and spreading the message about this great cause. Donations can be made here http://mcgrathfoundationportal.gofundraise.com.au/page/MikeJacobson


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