Events during 2022

Stony Creek Club Series February 2016

Stony Creek Club Series February 2016

The Stony Creek Club Series is the official event realized by Stony Creek Go Karts. It is made in 10 rounds from February to November in a track of 800m.

Spyder Racing has competed this series in 2015 as their first full year, so it is very easy find us there in every round! We compete in the classes Clubman Light and Heavy. In 2016 that will change to Clubman heavy and the 125 cc class!

We recommend this series for everyone who wants to participate, beyond the competitive nature of those events, the facility provides you a great track, friendly and helpful staff and a family atmosphere good for people of every age.

Billy Jacobson hopes to get a great result this year and keep doing well for the others series. We are very excited to start 2016 with a good equipment and race preparation to get the best results possible!

Gippsland Go Kart Club Series February 2016

Gippsland Go Kart Club Series February 2016

The Gippsland Go Kart Club Series starts at February 28, what an event that will be! Run annually by Gippsland Go Karts Club. It is made up of 9 rounds in 2016.

The classes to compete are Cadet 9, Cadet 12, Junior Nat Light, Junior Nat Heavy, Restricted 125 Light, Restricted 125 Heavy,Clubman Light, Clubman Heavy, Clubman Masters, TAG 125 Light and TAG 125 Heavy. Spyder Racing will be competing in Restricted 125 Light, for the first time.

The track length is 600m and very exciting to race with many opportunities to passing the other karts.

Spyder Racing is looking forward to that series, and ready to do improve on the performance of 2015, and get the best results possible in 2016!

Round 1 - Golden Power Series

Round 1 - Golden Power Series

The 2016 Golden Power is an important event of Karting promoted by Karting Victoria and will be done in 5 rounds during 2016 at Gippsland, Rochester, Bendigo, Albury-Wodonga and Eastern Lions Kart Club.

It's a very exciting event and give to the participants good exposure and experience to compete with others karts in the same level.

The rounds of this series will happen from March until November of 2016. The classes to compete are: Cadet 9, Cadet 12, KA4/Junior Light, KA4/Junior Heavy, KA3/Senior Light, KA3/Senior Heavy, TAG Light, TAG Heavy, TAG Maters, TAG Restricted Heavy, TAG Restricted Super Heavy and Junior Performance.

For each class the event provides a presentation to the winners and trophies as well. Spyder Racing won' be competing the full series this year but it is looking forward to be able to do this series next year!

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